Recent projects


  • New Workshop/ Garage, 1853 sqft, Mill Bay, BC. (Under construction)
  • New Residence of 5371 sqft at the Sooke Hanger, Sooke BC. (Under construction)
  • New three stories house, Timberline way, Jordan River, BC. (Design Development phase)
  • New  two stories cottage, Creekside Glenn, Jordan River, BC. (Design Development phase)
  • New two stories residence, West Coast Rd, Shirley BC. (Preliminary Design phase)
  • New one floor cottage with loft, 1090sqft, West Coast Rd, Shirley, BC. (Under construction)
  • Remodel/ update of old residence, Crofton, BC.  (Preliminary Design phase)
  • Conceptual ideas for secondary suite, Metchosin, BC .


  • New Cabin in West Coast Rd, Shirley,  Design Development
  • Remodel of existing house for B&B uses, 440sqft, Shirley BC. (Construction finished)
  • Addition:  3rd floor suite, Spa area, 1800 sqft, Otter Point Ln, Otter Point, BC. (Preliminary Design phase).
  • Prepare Cad drawings from existing construction drawings/ design by Rena Klein. FAIA, New Mexico, USA ( Construction finished) 3500 sqft,
  • Addition of bedroom, bath and kitchen nook  in Ladysmith, BC. (Construction finished)
  • New two stories house, 1540 sqft, Jordan River, BC. (Construction finished)
  • Sheringham Lighthouse, Interpretive Centre, Shirley BC. (Construction finished)


  • New Workshop 2140sqft, Barrow Rd,  Metchosin. (Construction finished)
  • Drawings for building Permit on Tugwell Creek
  • New two stories Cottage/Workshop on Butler Rd . (Construction finished)
  • Saseenos Veterinary Clinic, remodel addition. (Construction finished)
  • Addition of two cars garage with living space above, 1400sqft, Olympic View Rd, Metchosin (Construction finished)


  • New workshop garage on Seagirt Rd, East Sooke   (ConstructionFinished)
  • Preliminary Design of ten new units, townhouses type, average approximately 1100sqft each, on Baker-view Place, North Saanich. Habitat of Humanity
  • Deck addition and sun room on Seed Tree Rd, East Sooke (Construction finished)
  • Preliminary design for two stories addition on West Coast RD, Otter Point
  • Conceptual plans for Development Variance Permit for garage addition in Port Renfrew


  • Conceptual site plan for Habitat for Humanity project, Sooke
  • New Cabin in West Coast Rd, Shirley,  Preliminary design
  • Attached Secondary Suite addition, Duke Rd, Metchosin, (Construction finished)


  • New Farm Hub Building, ALM Farm, Otter Point, finished
  • Residential second story addition, Colwood, finished
  • Drawings for building permit, Timerdoodle, East Sooke
  • Drawings for Studio with Deck, Seagirt Rd, East Sooke
  • Drawings for Building Permit for attached garage


  • Consulting work for housing design process, Cast Iron Farm, Sooke
  • Plans for Electrical Shed, Sheringham Lighthouse grounds, construction finished
  • Breezeway addition, Shirley, construction finished


  • Decks and patios and outdoor kitchen for different clients in East Sooke,
  • House remodel, Port Renfrew,


  • Cabin Addition at Ragley Farm, East Sooke
  • Many Farm accessory Buildings and Structures

Attached suite. Metchosin