VIVI CURUTCHET Design Consultant

Design – Construction drawings – Zoning research – Development permits

We provide accessible quality design, research and help to homeowners, farms, non-profit organizations and small businesses that are embarking on a construction project.

Feasibility studies, Development permit, New projects, Remodels, Additions, Building Permits, Cad drawings… we will work together to achieve your dream or needs.

Please check  “Our Philosophy” and “About Participatory design” to know a little more about my approach to design.

More pictures of recent projects  coming soon! We are updating the website right now! MAY 2023

You can reach me  at 778 528 2046


Our philosophy

My approach to building design and house concept

  • A beautiful, functional building does not have to be a luxury item.
  • Professional help does not need to be expensive. On the contrary, it is meant to be a way to save money and time through good planning and good use of space.
  • I believe in participatory design, encouraging the client to get more involved in the creative process so the final product reflects what the client truly needs and desires.
  • I believe in sustainable housing. That means implementing design and construction that:

maximizes health, safety and comfort,

minimizes the consumption of resources and energy,

has a minimal negative effect on the environment, and make houses durable and affordable.

About Vivi Curutchet

Viviana Curutchet

Master Degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina;
Associate Member of AIA, American Institute of Architects, from 2002 till 2006.

I worked in Buenos Aires for more than 15 years, having my own private practice as well as working for architectural firms and in government positions. From Design Team Manager, to administrating construction sites, I covered a wide spectrum in the architectural field.

In 2000, I arrived in Seattle to work as associate for Rena M Klein, Architects, a firm which specialized in designing homes and remodels. I learned in detail North American codes, zoning and wood frame construction.

In 2006, I moved to Vancouver Island looking for a life with less stress and more connection to the Earth. I did some farming adventures as well as keeping a small private practice dedicated to farm buildings and country type houses.

In 2014,  I  moved my office to Shirley on West Coast Rd. The beauty of the place has been inspiring my work.
My practice has mostly been centered on the rural communities from Port Renfrew to East Sooke, and Metchosin.

Since 2020, my clientele  expanded, mostly through word of mouth, covering other areas in Vancouver Island,  and a diversity of projects and scales.

I enjoy my life as an architect.

Participatory Design

About Participatory design

I believe in participatory design, encouraging the client to get more involved in the creative process so the final product reflects what the client truly needs and desires.

The traditional professional services of the architect only involves the client to the extent that they are approving each project phase.

Through clients’ participation, designers can learn more directly about how people feel about design issues and how they use space, avoiding ambiguity and assumptions.

Participation instructs the clients in important issues about the building processes and the economics behind making a building project happen.

Then the space belongs truly to those who call it home.


Remodel Addition. Metchosin

New Projects and Additions

Page in progress. We are out taking pictures.

Two-story addition to existing house in Olympic View. Metchosin

Construction by TimberHawk Homebuilders Ltd.

Attached Suite to existing one story house , Duke Rd, Metchosin

New two-story Barn house , Otter Point

Saseenos Veterinary Services. Addition of new reception and two new exam rooms

Addition to existing cabin on the farm, East Sooke Rd, East Sooke